I have recently started dipping my toes into the world of videography - filming everything from mugs trading hands around the office to promotional videos for schools to culture in the workplace and more. Below are three categories of videos I have completed in the last couple of years including informational, fundraising and just for fun.


I love creating videos that capture the essence of an organization. Capturing what a business stands for and putting together video snippets in order to create a story is one of my greatest skills. 

Our Savior Christian Academy

Showing School Culture

As one of my first official "videography" projects, I was requested to create a video showcasing the culture of Our Savior Christian Academy (OSCA). I was requested to create something that showed both campuses, all grades and what it was like for students to attend the school. The purpose of this video is for potential new attendees and families to view what it's really like. This video is now on the home page of the OSCA website and has been shown at presentations as well.

The Always Serving Project

Informing Followers About Target Market

This (currently) unfinished video has two purposes and variations. It is meant to:

1- Showcase who the target market of The Always Serving Project is and get them excited to be a part of the project and

2- Advertise getting ready for The Breaking Bread Tour or BBQ Basic Series, targeted at first responders and the military.

I shot all elements of this video (with the exception of the amputee footage), compiled and edited the footage to create what you see now. The final videos will include text overlay and music.


Having worked for two non-profits to date, I have a passion for helping companies gain donations for their cause through video. 

Our Savior Christian Academy

Fundraising for School & Thanking Sponsors

This is the second video I have completed for Our Savior Christian Academy. I was requested to create a video that was reflective in nature, gives the viewer valuable insight into how the school has provided opportunities for children and families in the community and to help gain donations for the school and their mission.

I interviewed each student shown in the video, captured all video footage and compiled it into a video that had to be 2 and a half minutes or less. 

Veterans Community Project

Incomplete Fundraising Video for Starbucks

I was tasked to create this video in an effort to enter the Starbucks "Upstanders" contest in 2017. After completing most of the video, it was found the deadline had already passed. The video requirements included discussing VCP's mission, vision, how they're an "Upstander" and how they incorporate the community in their non-profit.


I created a storyboard, took all scripted videos on my iPhone, recorded b-roll and compiled the draft you see here. 

Veterans Community Project

Fundraising Slideshow

Veterans Community Project (VCP) partnered with Starbucks, and as a part of this partnership Starbucks would place "Dip Jars" (electronic donation credit card machines) in select locations in the Kansas City area to donate directly to VCP. In order to communicate who VCP is to customers at the register, I was tasked to create graphics for digital photo frames that would be set next to Dip Jars.  

I created each graphic and used my own imagery to complete the slide show, compiling the images into a short movie that would capture attention at the point of sale. 

Just for Fun

While most of my video work has to do with more serious opportunities, I have also created videos with a more fun side to them. I enjoy helping others compile footage into a cohesive story, creating videos showing the fun side of a company's culture and compiling short social media videos to help capture the attention of followers.

Midwest Brachial Plexus Network

2018 Summer Camp Recap Video

Through a connection I was asked to photograph a summer camp for kids in the Midwest Brachial Plexus Network non-profit. Once I sent my photos in I was then asked to help create a video recap of the experience for the kids, parents, and potential donors to watch showing how much fun the kids had at this "Superhero" themed camp. I used videos and photos from others at the camp as well as my own to create this fun video in a "comic book" theme.

Veterans Community Project

Drink Beer Day Social Media Video

Drinking beer is a major part of the culture at VCP (There are beer kegs on tap in the break room) so it seemed natural to showcase this part of the culture. This video depicts VCP office culture, showing the personalities of the employees and what it's like on a day-to-day basis.

I created a storyboard for all video scenes, captured all videos on my iPhone, compiled them and posted the video to VCP social channels.


National Ampersand Day Social Media Video

GastingerWalker&, a small architecture firm in downtown Kansas City, has a thing for ampersands. Not only is it in their name, a variation of the ampersand is also their logo. Using this and the increased use of ampersands in pop culture to my advantage, I created a video showing the true meaning behind why the ampersand is in their name for National Ampersand Day. 

I storyboarded this short video, utilizing employees from around the office and my Canon DSLR to create this fun video for social media.