I've captured many types of portraits of people in completely different situations in life. I've photographed homeless veterans, CEO's, doctors who focus on cancer genes in families, the homeless on Skid Row in Los Angeles, small business owners, children at recess or summer camps, firemen, my little sister and veterans. Hearing each of their stories and being able to capture them is the reason I love photographing portraits.

Self Portraits.

You know when you take a photo of someone else and it turns out super amazing but then when you ask a friend to take a photo of you it's nothing like you imagined it would look like? Well, instead of bothering others to take photos of me I decided to challenge myself and take it to the next level. I challenged myself to 30 days of self portraiture and have included some of my favorites below.


I first started learning photography one year ago (in 2018). One of the activities I pursued to get better at taking photos and editing them was taking family photos. Below are a few photos I took of families I worked with in the past as well as my little sister. 


Most of the following photographs came from my time at my last place of employment, Operation BBQ Relief. In December 2018 they launched a new non-disaster side of their non-profit aimed at feeding the homeless, military and first responders year round. To launch this new program, the Head of Non-Disaster Programs decided to run, cycle and hand-cycle across the United States from LA to Tampa, feeding at 8 major cities along the way. The first stop was in Skid Row, Los Angeles, where homelessness runs rampant. It is here I took a majority of the following photos. 


You probably already know this about me because the first line on my homepage reads "Wild Heart, Creative Mind and Probably Covered in Dog Hair." Well, I didn't disappoint, did I? Here's a few photos of my pup and a few others I had the opportunity to photograph.


In January of 2019 I decided to take a solo road trip with only my rescue dog and Jeep compass from Kansas City to Wyoming. It had always been something I wanted to do, camping out of my car and exploring places I had never been before. Below are a few shots of my solo adventure.


One of my responsibilities while at GastingerWalker&, a small architecture firm in Kansas City, was to take photographs of small architectural projects. I had the opportunity to photograph their design on the Sprint campus in Atlanta as well as a few other local Kansas City projects. Check out my work below!