Having only recently started exploring the world of graphic design, I have had the opportunity to create some pretty amazing things. I first started learning graphic design in 2018, teaching myself Photoshop, InDesign and Adobe Illustrator. From then until now I have designed digital graphics for social media, website and email; print graphics for banners, flyers and presentations; and illustrations including album art, typography, snapchat filters, simple line illustrations and more.


A majority of my digital graphics include social media posts and online content for Operation BBQ Relief and their new non-disaster program The Always Serving Project. I have used existing photos and edited them to include brand colors as well as adding my own copy to images to help promote their mission. I have also included some of my graphics from my time at Veterans Community Project in this section as well.


Working for non-profit Operation BBQ Relief, I was tasked with creating various printed graphic materials. These materials included banners, flyers, presentations, vehicle wraps and more. While creating these graphics I created a more cohesive brand vision that was previously non-existent due to never having a graphic designer or creative on staff before. I utilized existing brand colors to create a more cohesive brand look and feel - showcasing the grittiness and down to earth nature of the brand.

The last few projects in this section are from my time at GastingerWalker&, including banners and other graphics.


Prior to getting into the Adobe Suite, I drew a lot of illustrations on my iPad Pro using my Apple Pencil. While some of the following illustrations were for fun, others were for clients requesting album art, t-shirt designs and infographics needed for flyers.